The Romanian Association for Transactional Analysis is pleased to invite you to the 10th edition of The Romanian National Conference on Transactional Analysis, with the topic „Individuals, groups and multiculturalism”, that will take place in Timişoara between October 27th – 30th 2016.

In the context of the current social changes in Romania and all over Europe, we invite you to explore together the frame offered by Transactional Analysis to reflect on topics such as:

  • how we interact with each other, how we accept each other when we come from different cultures, different frames of reference;
  • healthy ways to manage fear in the face of otherness;
  • groups: integration, acceptance, social pain, multiculturalism;
  • the transactional analyst’s participation to society (can we and do we have the responsibility, as transactional analysts, to actively support social positive change outside our professional practice, and, if yes, how can we do this).

The main working language will be English. Some workshops during the conference will be presented in Romanian, with English translation if necessary.