Joost Levy

Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst in the field of Organisations (TSTA-O), Certified Transactional Analyst in the field of Education (CTA-E), Health psychologist - therapist

Joost Levy

Joost Levy is a Senior Consultant. He works on cultural change programmes in all kinds of organisations, profit and not for profit.

Joost is an international certified teacher and supervisor in transactional analysis (TSTA).

He is first line psychologist and National registered health psychologist. He delivers therapy to individual clients.

He has a Masters degree in pedagogics – educational innovation and change processes and is educated in guiding the study of group dynamics in large scale research environments.

He leads international conferences on developing organisational research thinking for professionals.

Workshops delivered by Joost Levy:
"Working with the dynamics of groups" (Conference: Saturday, October 29th, 10.45 - 17.30)
"Intercultural Awareness and the relevance for the co-creative workplace" (Conference: Sunday, October 30th, 09.00 - 16.45)
"Closing and key note speech: "The power of transition, the awareness of the finite nature of everything and the fear of learning"" (Conference: Sunday, October 30th, 17.00 – 18.30)
"Individual or group supervision" (Adjacent event - attendance fee 30 EUR: Friday, October 28th, 14:30 - 21:00)