Scripts, scripting and culture

Cathy McQuaid (TSTA-P)

Pre-conference: Thursday, October 27th - Friday, October 28th, 09.30 - 17.00

In this workshop we will look at the TA theory of life script, or the life story that we wrote in our unconscious as infants when we worked out what our life was going to be like, in an attempt to make our experience in the world predictable.

In our very early years we “designed our own life” as Eric Berne said, by writing this story that we call script. In this workshop we will explore the theory of life scripts of individuals, families, groups and minorities, and we will explore the importance of life scripts on relationships in groups and cultures, looking at the positive as well as the negative aspects.

The workshop will be largely experiential, and include a review of TA theory which will be taught where needed, from first principles; prior knowledge of TA will not be assumed.

We will look at ways of changing our life story in order to better ourselves and contribute to being part of the world’s solution rather than part of its problems. The workshop leader will put forward some of his ideas and there will be ample opportunity for dialogue, discussion and sharing of knowledge. Participants will be invited to contribute their own thinking and understanding from diverse theoretical backgrounds throughout the two days.